" Universal Community of Friends - IRAQ WAR 2: U.S. Human Rights Violations


U.S. Human Rights Violations

A Sordid Chronological Series About American Insanity

Iraqis Being Killed in Iraq by Americans - What you won't see on FOX

CIVILIAN DEATHS in Bush's War Against Afghanistan.

PRISONER MASSACRES in Bush's War Against Afghanistan

PRISONER TORTURE in Bush's War Against Iraq

U.S. MILITARY DEATHS in Bush's War Against Iraq

15,000 Iraqis Killed During First Days of Invasion

March 23, 2003: We bomb, They Suffer

March 24, 2003: Outrage in Baghdad

March 27, 2003: It Was An Outrage, An Obscenity

March 28, 2003: Raw, Devastating Realities That Expose the Truth About Basra

March 29, 2003: Iraqis Delirious with Grief After Missile Attack

April 2, 2003: I saw the heads of my two little girls come off

April 2, 2003: 33 people died and 310 wounded in "coalition" bombing

April 2, 2003: Witnesses Say U.S. Raid Strikes Iraqi Hospital

April 3, 2003: Red Cross horrified by number of dead civilians

April 3, 2003: In Iraqi Hospitals, Child War Casualties Mount

April 4, 2003: Cluster Bombs Liberate Iraqi Children

April 5, 2003: The toll of a war that has taken Allies to the gates of Baghdad

April 6, 2003: The Saddest Story of All

April 6, 2003: One boy's war... bathed in blood of his family

April 6, 2003: Iraqi Hospitals Offer Snapshot of War Horror

April 8, 2003: A Child Lies in Agony

April 9, 2003: Fury at US as attacks kill three journalists

April 10, 2003: Final Proof that War is About the Failure of the Human Spirit

April 15, 2003: At least 10 killed in Mosul shooting, US troops blamed

April 15, 2003: U.S. Army to Investigate Killing of Iraqi Boy

April 16, 2003: Basra bombing "destroyed my family"

April 16, 2003: Occupying powers responsible for grave humanitarian crisis

April 17, 2003: Child casualties "fill Iraq hospitals"

April 29, 2003: American troops shoot children in Iraqi demo

April 30, 2003: U.S. troops "shoot dead two more Iraqis"

May 1, 2003: Two Killed in New Iraq Demo Shooting

May 7, 2003: How Many Civilians Were Killed by Cluster Bombs?

June 30, 2003: U.S. soldiers were main danger to journalists

August 4, 2003: Bitterness grows in Iraq over deaths of civilians

Sept. 12, 2003: U.S. Fire Mistakenly Kills 8 Iraqi Police

Sept. 23, 2003: 2 Iraqi Boys, Injured, Tell of a Jet Attack in the Night

Dec. 10, 2003: Iraqi Health Ministry Orders Halt to Civilian Death Count

Feb. 18, 2004: Three Civilians Killed By US Mortar

Feb. 18, 2004: Military Distorts War Deaths

April 6, 2004: Rocket Attack Kills 26

April 11, 2004: More Than 600 Iraqis Have Been Killed

April 14, 2004: Ambulance Hit by US Missile

April 30, 2004: 1,361 Iraqis Killed in April, 2004

Sept. 3, 2004: 3,000 Iraqis killed, 11,600 injured by violence in Iraq, April-August, 2004

Sept. 25, 2004: More Iraqis killed by U.S. than by "terrorists"

Oct. 28, 2004: 100,000 Iraqis killed in 18 months after start of Bush's war

July 19, 2005: 25,000 Civilians Killed in Iraq

December 24, 2005: U.S. Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians

Oct. 10, 2006: A team of American and Iraqi public health researchers has estimated that 600,000 civilians have died in Bush's Iraq war #2 by October, 2006.














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